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Our Mission

CCI was founded with one purpose in mind — to provide marketing leaders with a deep understanding of their customers in order to achieve strategic and innovation goals. We uncover insights that go beyond answering questions to reveal core consumer truths.  

Our Philosophy

We embrace a set of values that underpin the work we deliver and our approach to doing business:


Exceed Expectations

We succeed when we think beyond the stated research question and get at the underlying business need.  Half of the value of data lies in its interpretation. CCI distinguishes itself by drawing from a deep well of experience - there are very few marketing problems we haven't tackled before. 


Work Collaboratively

No one knows your business like you do. We succeed when we bring to bear the best thinking of both CCI and our clients.  Together, we elevate projects beyond the commonplace and heighten research's impact.


Thirst for Knowledge

To us, marketing research isn’t a project - it is a search for understanding.  CCI is driven by a deep need to understand, to make sense of the world around us and apply those learnings to our client’s business.


It's Personal

Our clients are everything to us – we are partners, sounding boards and collaborators.  We bring out the best in each other.  That is why we have a 95% repeat business rate, with most relationships lasting many years.

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